About Us

What Motivates Us

The world of today is the hectic world, everyday in our life we tend to be trapped in the daily activities and the craziness of what is going on around us. We seem to have completely forgotton “ourselves”. We are too busy going here and there and never giving our mind and body a chance to retreat, refreash, rejuvinate and redefine itself. Our mind and body is an engine, “the most powerful engine” we expect to do well, to stay forever young and give us happiness. Since we never allow it an opportunity to regain its power, how can it carry out such a task for us??? ZEN NAIL LOUNGE was born with this mission in mind. We want to provide a place where our goal is to help people to Retreat, Refresh, Rejuvenate and Redefine their life.

ZEN NAIL LOUNGE is an eco-friendly environment where natural beauty comes alive in a simple, comfortable and relaxing surroundings designed to leave you feeling Retreated, Refreshed, Rejuvinated, and Redefined!

At ZEN NAIL LOUNGE, we offer the most hygienic and holistic approach to nail and skin care. Zen Nail Lounge’s concept is like getting together with family and friends. Here you can select your choice of aroma for your hand cream and scrubs from our Zen Nail Lounge’s menu. Many of our products are pure enough to eat, with no preservatives or harsh chemicals. On a daily basis, our experienced staff may even offer fresh products mixed by hand. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a retreat, or a quick refresh so you can get back to your daily life, immerse yourself with complete relaxation or scrub your way to serenity, come and experience the natural beauty of ZEN!